Hotels in each star cathegory are ordered according to ascending distance from the Conference Centre.


Hotel Mercure has got a very good location. It is situated on the west side of the city center, close to the main train station and the International Fair. There is 1.5 km to the Old Town and 6 km to the airport. In the hotel there is a room service, Business Centre, tourist information and exchange office. There is also a free wired access to the Internet in each room and a Hot Spot in the lobby (free).

The Conference Center is 900m along Roosevelta Street southbound. Trams #8, #14 and #18 direction GÓRCZYN or DĘBIEC go from the stop in front of the hotel. Validate 10-minutes' ticket. Leave the tram at the 2nd stop 'Dworzec Zachodni' (west entrance to the main railway station), just by the entrance to the Fair grounds.


A high standard four-star hotel, located at the edge of one of the biggest parks in Poznan - Citadel. Despite of its quiet localization it is not far from Conference Center - about 3100 m. Comfortable, air-conditioned rooms are all equipped with a telephone, internet access, cable TV, mini-bar that assures a nice and comfortable stay. Hotel also runs a guarded car park.

To get to the Conference Center please go to the tram stop near the hotel and take the tram #3 or #4, both going direction STAROŁĘKA. Change tram at the stop 'Most Teatralny'. From there take the tram #8, #14 or #18 going direction GÓRCZYN or DĘBIEC and go to the stop 'Dworzec Zachodni'. Validate 30-minutes' ticket. From the tram stop near the hotel you can also take the direct tram #10 going direction DĘBIEC and go 6 stops to 'Most Dworcowy'. Enter the Fair grounds through the main entrance. Validate 30-minutes' ticket.



Hotel Dorrian is a family-run small hotel, located within a walking distance from the Conference Center (1100 m). It has only 20 rooms, and the home-like atmosphere of the hotel attracts many guests. There's a restaurant in the hotel and a free access to the Internet.

For the walking route to the Conference Center see the map or ask the receptionist.

Novotel Centrum***

Hotel Novotel Centrum is situated just next to the best shopping area in Eastern Central Europe - Old Brewery (Stary Browar) and a cinema complex (Multikino). It has good transportation access and it is close enough to get on foot to the International Fair or to the Old Market Square. It is a big, modern, three-star hotel with 480 rooms. There is an access to the Internet (modem or wireless, depending on the room), however it is not included in the room fee.

The distance to the Conference Center is about 1300 m going westbound. You can take the tram #6, #10, #11 or #12 from the stop 'Dworzec PKS' and go to the 1st stop 'Most Dworcowy'. Validate 10-minutes' ticket. From there you can walk 5 minutes southbound or go one stop by tram #5, #8, #14 or #18 to 'Dworzec Zachodni' stop.



Hotel Lech has a hundred-year tradition. Its location in the main street of the city causes that each and every interesting place is at very small distance. You can reach all most important points in the city on foot, without the necessity of taking a taxi or a bus/tram, eg.: to the Conference Center it is 1400 m and about the same to the Old Market Square. There's a free wireless access to the Internet in the hotel lobby and a paid modem access to the web in each room.

There is a tram stop at the hotel. By tram #5 direction GÓRCZYN go to the 3rd stop 'Dworzec Zachodni' (west entrance to the main railway station), just by the entrance to the fair grounds. Validate 10-minutes' ticket. You may also take #2 (direction OGRODY), and change to #8, #14 or #18 (direction GÓRCZYN or DĘBIEC) at 'Kaponiera' (use subway to change the tram platforms).


Hote Ikar is a three-star hotel located in the walking distance to major tourist attractions, not far from the Old Market and the International Fair grounds. It is located in the quiet surroundings not far from the Citadel – one of the biggest parks in the city. Guests have at their disposal single and double rooms as well as suites, a restaurant, a drink bar and a summer terrace. There is a free wired access to the Internet in each room.

To get to the Conference Center from the hotel it is about 2300 m. You can go by tram: walk 400m west along the streets Solna and Nowowiejskiego to the tram stop 'Wielkopolska'. There is a connection with tram #9, #10 and #11 with a change to #5, #8, #14 or #18 at 'Kaponiera'. Leave the tram at the stop 'Dworzec Zachodni' (west entrance to the main railway station), just by the entrance to the Fair grounds. Validate 30-minutes' ticket.


Hotel Orbis Polonez Poznań has a quiet location. You can reach the Old Market Square within 15 minutes on foot. Rooms are comfortable, there is a paid access to the Internet in each room (modem) and in the lobby (Hot Spot).

The distance to the Conference Center is 2500 m. There is a bus stop in front of the hotel (20m). Take a bus #68 going direction DWORZEC GŁÓWNY and go four stops to the last stop at the main railway station. Validate 30-minutes' ticket. From there you can walk to the Conference Center through the railway station (10 minutes). To do this you need to enter the railway building, go down the stairs in the main hall, turn right and go up the stairs at the end of the subway. The entrance to the Fair grounds is just opposite the street.

Low - cost accomodation

We have the possibility to arrange a low-cost accomodation in students hostels in Poznań. Should you require such accomodation, please e-mail us as soon as possible, not later than 15.07.2007.


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Hotel reservation and insurance is an individual responsibility of each conference participant. In order to get special discounted rates for attendees of the EUSIPCO 2007 Conference, please refer to "EUSIPCO 2007".

MERCURE 104 EUR 122 EUR 31st July 2007
TRAWINSKI 52 EUR 76 EUR 31st July 2007
DORRIAN 225 PLN 292.50 PLN 17th July 2007
NOVOTEL CENTRUM 85 EUR 101 EUR 31st July 2007
LECH 120 PLN 190 PLN 2nd Aug. 2007
IKAR 160 PLN 220 PLN 31st July 2007
POLONEZ 235 PLN 265 PLN 31st July 2007

1 EUR ~ 3.8 PLN. For current exchange rate:

There is a possibility to book a studio (higher standard) at the special price 81 EUR in Trawinski hotel. In some of the hotels, if all single rooms are booked, there is a possibility to have a double room for single use, however the price will be slightly higher.
All prices include VAT and breakfast.

Special prices are valid as long as the reserved space in the hotel is available - we strongly advise to make reservations as soon as possible.

If you would like to make a reservation of a room, please choose one of the hotels.
By clicking on the link below on the hotel name, an e-mail to the hotel reservation desk expressing your will to book a room will be sent. The link has been made for your convenience. Reservation confirmation will be sent from the hotel directly. If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact the chosen hotel again.


Cancellation policy
General rule is that in case of late cancellation (i.e. after special price valid until date), as well as "no show" at the hotel on the first declared day, the EUSIPCO 2007 participants are obliged to pay the cost of the first night. The detailes of cancellation policy should be given by each of the hotels in the email/fax that confirms your reservation.

The organizers of EUSIPCO 2007 Conference are not responsible for any matters or problems related to hotel reservation.