15th European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO 2007

General Information

EUSIPCO 2007 Proceedings:

Proceedings of EUSIPCO 2007 will gather full texts of all accepted papers presented both on regular (oral and poster) and special sessions.

Proceedings of EUSIPCO conferences are available on-line on

Proceedings of EUSIPCO 2007 (with ISBN number) will be indexed by major systems.


The European Association for Signal Processing (www.eurasip.org) was founded on 1 September 1978 to: "improve communication between groups and individuals that work within the multidisciplinary, fast growing field of Signal Processing in Europe and elsewhere, and to exchange and disseminate information in the field all over the world." The association exists to promote the efforts of researchers by providing a learned and professional platform for dissemination and discussion of all aspects of signal processing. EURASIP is a non profit organization which is governed by its Administrative Committee (AdCom).

EURASIP Areas of Interest:

Continuous and discrete time signal theory

Applications of signal processing

Systems and technology

Speech communication

Image processing and communication.

EURASIP sponsors and co-sponsors a number of conferences within Europe and the rest of the world each year. The main event is EUSIPCO (European Signal Processing Conference), which is now recognized as one of the premier signal processing conferences, attracting delegates and papers from all over the world. The venues of consecutive conferences are: Lausanne, Switzerland (1980); Erlangen, Germany (1983); the Hague, the Netherlands (1986); Grenoble, France (1988); Barcelona, Spain (1990); Brussels, Belgium (1992); Edinburgh, UK (1994); Trieste, Italy (1996); Rhodes, Greece (1998); Tampere, Finland (2000); Toulouse, France (2002); Vienna, Austria (2004); Antalya, Turkey (2005); Florence, Italy (2006). The 2007 event will be held in Poznań, Poland.