15th European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO 2007



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Monday 03.09.2007

09.00 - 10.30  Morning Tutorials (tutorials)
10.30 - 11.00    coffee break
11.00 - 12.30  Morning Tutorials (continued)
12.30 - 14.00    lunch break
14.00 - 15.30  Afternoon Tutorials (tutorials)
15.30 - 16.00    coffee break
16.00 - 17.30  Afternoon Tutorials (continued)
17.30 - 20.00    "Get together"

Social events

Tuesday 04.09.2007

09.00 - 10.30 Opening ceremony and Plenary lecture: 'Multi-way Blind Source Separation Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Sparse Component Analysis'  A. Cichocki
10.30 - 10.50 Coffee break 10.30 - 12.30 Poster sessions:

Channel Identification and Equalization

Signal Processing for Communications
10.50 - 12.30 Oral sessions:

Coding and Processing of Multi-View Video

Biometrics Recognition

Multirate Filtering and Filter Banks

Speech Enhancement and Noise Reduction I

Array Signal Processing

Machine Vision

Video Enhancement

12.30 - 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 - 15.00 Plenary lecture: 'Channel-Aware Distributed Estimation and Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network'   G. Giannakis
15.10 - 16.50 Oral sessions:

Quality Evaluation in Image and Video Processing

Multimodal Biometrics and Smart Cards

Adaptive Filters I

Speech Enhancement and Noise Reduction II

Beamforming, DOA Estimation, and Space-Time Adaptive Processing

Image Analysis

Motion Analysis and Applications

15:10-17:10 Poster sessions:

New Concepts in Signal Analysis, Modelling, and Reconstruction

Image Data Compression

Video Data Compression

16.50 - 17.10 Coffee break
17:10 - 18:50 Oral sessions:

Multidimensional Signal Processing and Systems

Sparse Modelling Approaches to Audio and Music Signal Processing

Adaptive Filters II

Loudspeaker and Microphone Array
Signal Processing I

Source Localization and Separation

Medical Imaging I

Multicarrier Systems

Wednesday 05.09.2007

09.00 - 10.00 EURASIP Fellow Inaugural Lectures: 'Review of real world MIMO system performance'  
P. Grant
10.00 - 10.20 Coffee break 10.00 -12.00 Poster sessions:

Filter, Filter Bank, and Algorithm Structures

Image Enhancement III

Medical Imaging III

10.20 - 12.00 Oral sessions:

Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Future Wireless System I

The Semantic Gap in Visual Information Retrieval


Loudspeaker and Microphone Array
Signal Processing II

Process Model Estimation

Image Coding I

Architectures and VLSI Hardware

12.00 - 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 - 14.30 Plenary lecture: 'Reinventing Compression: The New Paradigm of Distributed Video Coding'  B. Girod
14.40 - 16.20 Oral sessions:

Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Future Wireless System II

Bayesian Localization and Data Fusion Methods for Distributed Systems

MIMO and Space-Time Processing

Signal Processing for Music

Parameter Estimation

Image Coding II

Design Methodology and Rapid Prototyping

16.20 - 16.40 Coffee break

Thursday 06.09.2007

09.00 - 10.00 EURASIP Fellow Inaugural Lectures: 'Sampling Sparse Signals at Occam's Rate'  M. Vetterli
10.00 - 10.20 Coffee break 10.00 -12.00 Poster sessions:

Hardware and Software for Signal Processing

Hardware and Software for Image Processing

10.20 - 12.00 Oral sessions:

Implementations of MIMO Wireless Communication Systems

New Methods for the Analysis of Deformation
Signals of Natural and Artificial Structures

Channel Modeling, Estimation and Equalization I

Audio Signal Analysis

Biomedical Processing I

Video Coding I

Speech Recognition

12.00 - 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 - 14.30 Plenary lecture: Equalization of Mimo Channels  J. Proakis
14.40 - 16.20 Oral sessions:

Optimization of Wireless Multiuser MIMO Communication Systems

Hypercomplex Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications

Channel Modeling, Estimation and Equalization II

Audio and Speech Coding

Biomedical Processing II

Video Coding II

Texture Analysis

14:40 - 16:40 Poster sessions:

Nonlinear Signal Processing, Neural Networks, and Related Topics

Image and Video Analysis

Motion Estimation and Segmentation

16.20 - 16.40 Coffee break
16:40 - 18:20 Oral sessions:

Content and Network Aware Video Streaming

Image Enhancement I

Channel Modeling, Estimation and Equalization III

Audio Indexing and Retrieval

Biomedical Processing III

Pattern Recognition I

Room Equalization and Echo Cancellation

20:00 Banquet

Friday 07.09.2007

09.00 - 10.00 Pleanry lecture: 'Recent Advances in Video Coding and Transmission'  T. Wiegand
10.00 - 10.20 Coffee break 10.00 - 12.00 Poster sessions:

Audio and Speech Processing Techniques

Speech, Speaker and Language Recognition

10.20 - 12.00 Oral sessions:

Signal Processing in Wireless Testbeds
and Prototyping

Nonstationary Process Analysis,
Estimation, and Applications I

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Color Image Processing


Pattern Recognition II

Sampling, Interpolation, and Extrapolation

12.00 - 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 - 14.30 Plenary lecture: '3-D Displays and Signal Processing: An Answer to 3-D Ills?'  J. Konrad
14.40 - 16.20 Oral sessions:

Multiple Description Coding (MDC)

Nonstationary Process Analysis,
Estimation, and Applications II

Ultrawideband and Spread Spectrum Systems

Speech Analysis I


3D and Multiview Image and Video

Transforms and Fast Algorithms

14:40 - 16:40 Poster sessions:

Applications of Statistical Signal and Array Processing

Biomedical Signal Processing and Biometrics

Multimedia Watermarking and Data Hiding I

16.20 - 16.40 Coffee break
16:40 - 18:20 Oral sessions:

LTE Signal Processing

Image Enhancement II

Multiuser Communication

Speech Analysis II

Time-Frequency Signal Analysis

Medical Imaging II

Multimedia Watermarking and Data Hiding II

EUSIPCO 2007 accepted papers by paper number ID

Paper ID Paper Title Authors
8002 Sos-Based Blind Channel Estimation in Multiuser Space-Time Block Coded Systems Javier Vía
Ignacio Santamaría
Aydin Sezgin
Arogyaswami Paulraj
8003 Regularization of Multivalued Images by Means of a Wavelet-Based Partial Differential Equation Aldo Maalouf
Philippe Carré
Bertrand Augereau
Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
8004 Signal Processing Applications of Free Probability Theory Ryvind Ryan
Merouane Debbah

8005 Subspace-Based Blind Identification of IIR Wiener Systems Juan Carlos Gomez
Enrique Baeyens

8012 Image Retrieval Using Efficient Feature Vectors Generated from Compressed Domain Daidi Zhong
Irek Defee

8013 Efficient Parallel Memory Organization for Turbo Decoders Perttu Salmela
Ruirui Gu
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya
Jarmo Takala
8015 A Spectral Clustering Algorithm for Decoding Fast Time-Varying BPSK MIMO Channels Steven Van Vaerenbergh
Emilio Estebanez
Ignacio Santamaria

8016 Flicker Compensation for Archived Film Using a Mixed Segmentation/Block-Based Nonlinear Model Guillaume Forbin
Theodore Vlachos
Simon Tredwell

8017 Variable Step-Size Least Mean Modulus Algorithm for Robust Filtering in Digital QAM Systems Shin'Ichi Koike

8018 Properties and Relations of New Fastest Linearly Independent Arithmetic Transforms for Ternary Functions Cicilia Lozano
Bogdan Falkowski
Tadeusz £uba

8020 Separation of Heart Sound Signal from Lung Sound Signal by Adaptive Line Enhancer Thato Tsalaile
Saeid Sanei

8021 Frequency-Weighted L2-Sensitivity Minimization for 2-D State-Space Digital Filters Subject to L2-Scaling Constraints by a Quasi-Newton Method Takao Hinamoto
Osemekhian Omoifo
Wu-Sheng Lu

8022 Computationally Efficient Adaptive Rate Sampling and Filtering Mian Qaisar Saeed

8024 Low Complexity Covariance-Based DoA Estimation Algorithm Tadeu Ferreira
Sergio Netto
Paulo Diniz

8025 An Application of the Spectral Kurtosis for Early Detection of Subterranean Termites Juan-Jose Gonzalez-De-La-Rosa
Carlos G. Puntonet
Antonio Moreno
Angel Quiros
J.M. Guerrero
8026 MSE Lower Bounds Conditioned by the Energy Detector Eric Chaumette
Jerome Galy
Francois Vincent
Alexandre Renaux
Pascal Larzabal
8029 Robust Super-Exponential Methods for Blind Deconvolution of MIMO-FIR Systems with Gaussian Noise Kiyotaka Kohno
Yujiro Inouye
Mitsuru Kawamoto

8031 Subsampling for APC Stochastic Processes Dominique Dehay
Jacek Leskow

8033 A New Discrete-Time Analytic Signal for Reducing Aliasing in Discrete Time-Frequency Distributions John O' Toole
Mostefa Mesbah
Boualem Boashash

8034 Enhancing the Resolution of MONOSCOPIC Images on Stereoscopic Displays Robert Kutka

8036 Efficient zerotree-Based Image Compression with directionlets Vladan Velisavljevic
Baltasar Beferull-Lozano
Martin Vetterli

8037 A Lattice Structure for Support-Adapted Filter Banks Riccardo Bernardini
Roberto Rinaldo

8038 A Framework for Analysis of Music Similarity Measures Jesper Hojvang Jensen
Mads Grasboll Christensen
Soren Holdt Jensen

8040 A Physiologically Based Model for Temporal Envelope Encoding Pierre Dugué
Régine Le Bouquin-Jeann?s
Gérard Faucon

8041 Integrating the Cochlea's Compressive Nonlinearity in the Bayesian Approach for Speech Enhancement Eric Plourde
Benoit Champagne

8045 A Low-Order IIR QMF Banks Design with a Delay Selection Procedure Seong Ping Chuah
I-Kong Fong

8047 Human Computer Interaction- Applying Fuzzy C-Means, Recurrent Neural Network and Wavelet Transforms for Voluntary Eye Blink Detection and Alireza Akhbardeh
Arezou Akbarian Azar

8049 A Tutorial on MIMO Testbeds Markus Rupp
Sebastian Caban

8050 Blur Invariant Registration of Rotated, Scaled and Shifted Images Ville Ojansivu
Janne Heikkilä

8054 Tasks and Newest Trends in Geodetic Deformation Analysis: a Tutorial Andreas Eichhorn

8055 A New Method for Colorizing of Multichannel MR Images Based on Real Color of Human Brain Mohammad Hossein Kadbi
Abouzar Eslami

8056 Gradient Based Robust Deconvolution Philippe Neveux

8058 Zero-Forcing Equalization of Space-Time Block Coded Transmissions Over Frequency Selective Channels Yuan-Hwui Chung
See-May Phoong

8059 Robust ML Estimation for Unknown Numbers of Signals Pei-Jung Chung

8064 2-D FIR Filter Design: What Shape Is the Best ? Bogdan Dumitrescu

8066 Time-Frequency Representation Based Chirp-Like Signal Analysis Using Multiple Level Crossings Modris Greitans

8067 Complexity Evaluation of Random Access to Coded Multi-View Video Data Ulrich Fecker
André Kaup

8068 Algorithms for Separating the Periodically Correlated Random Processes Into Harmonic Series Representation Ihor Javorskyj
Ihor Isayev
Ihor Kravets

8070 Comparison of the Coherent and the Component Methods for Estimating the Characteristics of the Periodically Correlated Random Processes Ihor Isayev
Ihor Javorskyj
Roman Yuzefofych

8072 Coding Efficiency and Complexity Analysis of MVC Prediction Structures Philipp Merkle
Karsten Müller
Aljoscha Smolic
Thomas Wiegand
8076 Discrete Time Observation of Almost Periodically Correlated Processes and Jitter Phenomena Dominique Dehay

8077 Mitigating Multi-User Interference (MUI) in Ultra Wideband(UWB) System Using Ds-CDMA Based ofdm Himanshukumar Soni
Uday Desai
S.N. Merchant

8078 Determination of Synthetic Covariance Matrices - an Application to GPS Monitoring Measurements Volker Schwieger

8079 Facial Motion Tracking and Animation: an ICA-Based Approach Lucas Daniel Terissi
Juan Carlos Gomez

8080 The Generalization of Narrowband Localization Methods to Broadband Environments via Parametrization of the Spatial Correlation Matrix Jacek Dmochowski
Jacob Benesty
Sofiene Affes

8082 Radix-R FFT and IFFT Factorizations with Equal Stage-to-Stage INTERCONECTION Pattern Pere Marti-Puig
Ramon Reig-Bolano

8084 A Study on Two-Sided Linear Prediction Approach for Land Mine Detection Thomas Chin Tao Chan
Hing Cheung So
Dominic K C Ho

8085 Hidden Markov Models for Digital Modulation Classification in Unknown isi Channels Anchalee Puengnim
Thierry Robert
Nathalie Thomas
Josep Vidal
8087 Forest Fire Detection Based on Gaussian Field Analysis Florent Lafarge
Xavier Descombes
Josiane Zerubia

8091 Multiple Snapshot Matching Pursuit for Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation Shane Cotter

8093 Pulsed Multi-Band MIMO for UWB Systems Craig Mitchell
Pedro Crespo
Javier Del Ser

8094 Modelling Newborn EEG Background Using a Time-Varying Fractional Brownian Process Nathan Stevenson
Mostefa Mesbah
Boualem Boashash

8095 A Channel Selection Method for EEG Classification in Emotion Assessment Based on Synchronization Likelihood Karim Ansari-Asl
Guillaume Chanel
Thierry Pun

8096 Time-Varying Linear Prediction for Speech Analysis Karl Schnell
Arild Lacroix

8098 In Greedy Pursuit of New Directions: (Nearly) Orthogonal Matching Pursuit by Directional Optimisation Thomas Blumensath
Michael Davies

8100 On Discrete-Time Estimators of Second-Order Moments of Generalized Almost-Cyclostationary Processes Antonio Napolitano

8101 Blind Deconvolution in a Noisy and Band-Limited Context Dinh-Tuan Antoine Pham

8102 Parameter Estimation for Sinusoidal Signals with Deterministic Amplitude Modulation Stefan Schuster
Stefan Scheiblhofer
Andreas Stelzer

8103 Automated Characterization of Esophageal and Severely Injured Voices by Means of Acoustic Parameters Begonya Garcia
Ibon Ruiz
Amaia Mendez
Javier Vicente
Mikel Mendezona
8105 Speech Event Detection by Non Negative Matrix Deconvolution Carla Lopes
Fernando Perdig?o

8106 Multispectral Image Enhancement Based on Fusion and Super-Resolution Valery Starovoitov
Aliaksei Makarau
Igor Zakharov
Dmitry Dovnar
8108 Speech Enhancement Based on Rayleigh Mixture Modeling of Speech Spectral Amplitude Distributions Jan Erkelens
Jesper Jensen
Richard Heusdens

8109 The Effective Rank: a Measure of Effective Dimensionality Olivier Roy
Martin Vetterli

8110 Time and Frequency Equalization for UWB Systems: a Comparison Study Guillaume Ferré
Jean-Pierre Cances
Vahid Meghdadi

8111 Equalization Based on Particle Filtering for Mobile Station Receivers Ahmed Kora
Jean Pierre Cances
Guillaume Ferré
Vahid Meghdadi
8112 An Efficient Data-Hiding Method Based on Lossless JPEG2000 for a Scalable and Synchronized Visualization of 3D Terrains Khizar Hayat
William Puech
Gilles Gesquiere

8114 Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Reverberation Model for Robust Distant-Talking Speech Recognition Armin Sehr
Yuanhang Zheng
Elmar Nöth
Walter Kellermann
8116 A Noise-Robust Dual Filter Approach to Multichannel Blind System Identification Rehan Ahmad
Nikolay Gaubitch
Patrick Naylor

8118 Using Auditory Saliency to Understand Complex Auditory Scenes Varinthira Duangudom
David Anderson

8123 Restoration of Noisy and Band Limited Archived Speech Records with Linear Predictor and Harmonic Noise Models Qin Yan
Saeed Vaseghi
Esfandiar Zavarehei
Ben Milner
8124 Complexity-Based Integration of Multi-Viewpoint Imagery for As-Is Roadway Map Generation Kohji Kamejima

8125 Calculation of Composite Spectra for Boolean Functions in Haar Domain Bogdan Falkowski
Shixing Yan

8127 Improved Autocorrelation-Based Noise Robust Speech Recognition Using Kernel-Based Cross Correlation and Overestimation Parameters Gholamreza Farahani
Mohammad Ahadi
Mohammad Mehdi Homayounpour

8128 On Smoothing Opportunities in Identification of Time-Varying Systems -- Beyond the Posterior Cramer-Rao Bound Maciej Nied¼wiecki

8129 Time Reversal Music Imaging for Target Detection Using a Recursive Approach Alexandre Baussard
Thomas Boutin

8130 2D Weather Radar Data Simulator Using Specific Reflectivity and Elmzoughi Amor

8131 A Physical Transmission Security Layer for Wireless Multiple Access Communication Systems Dov Wulich
Gill Tsouri

8132 Visually-Based Audio Texture Segmentation for Unsupervised Audio Scene Analysis Raja Ghozi
Olfa Fraj
Meriem Jaidane

8133 Testing Stationarity with Time-Frequency Surrogates Jun Xiao
Pierre Borgnat
Patrick Flandrin

8140 Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Model for the Retina Sérgio Capela
Pedro Tomás
Leonel Sousa

8141 Exact Principal Geodesic Analysis for Data on So(3) Salem Said
Nicolas Courty
Nicolas Le Bihan
Stephen J. Sangwine
8142 H‡ Filtering for a Class of 2D Systems Ligang Wu
James Lam
Wojciech Paszke
Krzysztof Galkowski
Eric Rogers
8143 A Reduced Rank STAP with Change of PRF Dib Samira
Barkat Mourad
Nicolas Jean-Marie
Grimes Mourad
8144 Estimation of Kronecker Structured Channel Covariances Using Training Data Karl Werner
Magnus Jansson

8148 Lossless and Gradual Coding of Hyperspectral Images by Lifting Scheme Asma Chourou
Amel Benazza-Benyahia

8151 EMD Algorithm Based on Bandwidth and the Application on Economic Data Analysis Xie Qiwei
Xuan Bo

8152 A Lattice Structure of Biorthogonal Linear-Phase Filter Banks with Higher-Order Feasible Building Blocks Yuichi Tanaka
Masaaki Ikehara
Truong Q. Nguyen

8153 Performance Analysis of a Distributed Video Coding System – Application to Broadcasting Over an Error-Prone Channel Joumana Farah
Charles Yaacoub
François Marx
Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu
8154 Behavioral Description Model BDM for Design Space Exploration: a Case Study of His Algorithm for MC-CDMA System Farhat Thabet
Philippe Coussy
Dominique Heller
Eric Martin
8155 About Magnitude Input Data in 1-D Discrete Phase Retrieval Problem Corneliu Rusu
Jaakko Astola

8157 Algorithms for Downsampling Non-Uniformly Sampled Data Frida Eng
Fredrik Gustafsson

8158 Clutter Rejection Using Range-Recursive Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) Algorithms in Non sidelooking Configuration Sophie Beau
Sylvie Marcos

8159 Design of Spatially Multiplexed LDPC Codes for Multi-User Detection Gottfried Lechner
Andreas Burg

8160 An Unbiased PISARENKO Harmonic Decomposition Estimator for Single-Tone Frequency Wing Kin Lui
Hing Cheung So

8161 Separation of Epileptic Seizure Signals Using Constrained Topographic Blind Source Separation Min Jing
Saeid Sanei

8163 VLSI Friendly Edge Gradient Detection Based Multiple Reference Frames Motion Estimation Optimization for H.264/AVC Zhenyu Liu
Yiqing Huang
Yang Song
Lingfeng Li
Satoshi Goto
8164 A Jointly Optimal Precoder and Block Decision Feedback Equaliser Design with Low Redundancy Chi Hieu Ta
Stephan Weiss

8167 Imaging D2-Dopamine Receptor Concentration in Non-Human Primate Brain Using 18F-Fallypride Mustafa Ersel Kamasak
Charles A Bouman
Bradley T Christian
Evan D Morris
8168 A Wavelet-Based Approach for the Detection and Modelling of Non-Stationary Effects in Structural Deformation Analysis Hans Neuner

8170 Sound Separation of Polyphonic Music Using Instrument Prints Kristof Aczel
Szabolcs Ivancsy

8171 A Filter Design Algorithm for subpixel Rendering on Matrix Displays Jun-Seong Kim
Chansu-Su Kim

8172 A Data Hiding Method Based on the Topology Change of a 3D Mesh Philippe Amat
William Puech
Sébastien Druon
Jean-Pierre Pedeboy
8173 Objective Measurement of Colouration in Reverberation Jimi Wen
Patrick Naylor

8176 DSP Based Acoustic Vehicle Classification for Multi-Sensor Real-Time Traffic Surveillance Andreas Klausner
Allan Tengg
Stefan Erb
Bernhard Rinner
8177 Particle Swarm Optimization for Time-Difference-of-Arrival Based Localization Wing Kin Lui
Jun Zheng
Hing Cheung So

8180 Enhanced Robustness to Unvoiced Speech and Noise in the DYPSA Algorithm for Identification of Glottal Closure Instants Hania Maqsood
Jon Gudnason
Patrick Naylor

8181 Wigner Distributions of Noise and Telecommunication Stochastic Processes Kajetana Snopek

8182 Performance Evaluation of Mobile Video Quality Estimators Michal Ries
Olivia Nemethova
Markus Rupp

8185 Semi-Blind Interference Cancellation with Distributed Training Alexandr Kuzminskiy
Yuri Abramovich

8188 Performance Comparison of the Blind Multi Channel Frequency Domain Normalized LMS and Variable Step-Size LMS with Noise Ariful Haque
Kamrul Hasan

8189 A Generic Context Model for Uniform-Reconstruction Based SNR-Scalable Representations of Residual Texture Signals Heiner Kirchhoffer
Detlev Marpe
Thomas Wiegand

8190 Extended Precision Accumulation of Floating-Point Data for Digital Signal Generation and Processing Pawel Pawlowski
Adam Dabrowski

8191 Subspace Tracking Based on the Constrained Projection Approximation Approach Amir Valizadeh
Mahmood Karimi

8192 A New Formula for Lost Sample Restoration Marie Chabert
Bernard Lacaze

8195 Higher Order Statistics for Laser-Extinction Measurements Bernard Lacaze
Marie Chabert

8197 Comparison of the Extended Kalman Filter and the Unscented Kalman Filter for Parameter Estimation in Combustion Engines Christoph Kallenberger
Haris Hamedovic

8199 Blind Speech Dereverberation in the Presence of Common Acoustical Zeros Xiang Lin
Nikolay Gaubitch
Patrick Naylor

8200 Efficient Localization and Tracking of Two Acoustic Sources Using Particle Filters with Swarm Intelligence Fabio Antonacci
Davide Riva
Augusto Sarti
Marco Tagliasacchi
Stefano Tubaro
8201 Maximally-Flat FIR and IIR Fractional Delay Filters with Expanded Bandwidth Martin Eichler
Arild Lacroix

8202 Blind Perceptual Quality Assessment Method for DCT-Based Encoded Images Tomás Brandao
Maria Paula Queluz

8203 Low-Power Implementation of an HMM-Based Sound Environment Classification Algorithm for Hearing Aid Application Rong Dong
David Hermann
Etienne Cornu
Edward Chau
8204 Minimum Entropy Restoration Using FPGAS and High-Level Techniques Robin Bruce
Caroline Ruet
Stephen Marshall
Malachy Devlin
8205 Releasing Aperture Filter Constraints Jakub Chlapinski
Stephen Marshall

8206 An Efficient FPGA Based MIMO-MMSE Detector Hun-Seok Kim
Weijun Zhu
Jatin Bhatia
Karim Mohammed
Anish Shah
8207 Blind Signal-to-Noise-Ratio Estimation for a Constant Envelope MIMO MC-CDMA System Using Cyclic Delay Diversity Galib Assadullah M.M.
Gordon Stuber

8208 An Improved Partial Haar Dual Adaptive Filter for Sparse Echo Cancellation Patrick Kechichian
Benoit Champagne

8209 Combined Beamspace and Element Space Technique for Partial Adaptive Concentric Ring Array Luis Miguel Vicente
Dominic Ho

8210 Robust Detection of Polymorphic NQR Signals Naveed Razzaq Butt
Samuel Somasundaram
Andreas Jakobsson

8211 A Probabilistic Speech Enhancement Filter Utilizing the Constructive and Destructive Interference of Noise Taufiq Hasan
Md. Kamrul Hasan

8212 A Lossless Compression Algorithm for Color-Indexed Images Using Adaptive Palette Reordering Ka-Chun Lui
Yuk-Hee Chan

8213 A Non-Causal Approach to Voice Activity Detection in Adverse Environments Alireza Esmaeili
Seyed Mohammad Ahadi
Mir Abolhasan Fassihi

8214 Detection of Overlapping Speech in Meeting Recordings Using the Modified Exponential Fitting Test Angela Quinlan
Futoshi Asano

8215 Spectral Analysis Techniques of Stationary Point Processes Used for the Estimation of Cross-Correlation: Application to the Study of a neurophysiologi George Karavasilis
Alexandros Rigas

8216 Ordinal Representations for Biometrics Recognition Tieniu Tan
Zhenan Sun

8217 A Simplified Lattice Structure of First-Order Linear-Phase Filter Banks Yuichi Tanaka
Masaaki Ikehara
Truong Q. Nguyen

8219 Joint Estimation of Scan Rate and Emitter Location in Scan Based Passive Localization Systems Hatem Hmam
Kutluyil Dogancay

8220 Optimized Path Planning for UAVs with AOA/Scan Based Sensors Kutluyil Dogancay

8223 Influence of Initialization Method on Competitive Active Contours Segmentation Piotr Steæ

8225 Opportunistic Random Access for Distributed Parameter Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks Javier Matamoros
Carles Antón-Haro

8226 Dependencies Between Coding Gain and Filter Length in PARAUNITARY Filter Banks Designed Using QUATERNIONIC Approach Marek Parfieniuk
Alexander Petrovsky

8229 Joint Estimation of IQ Imbalance and Channel Response for MIMO OFDM System Yuan-Hwui Chung
See-May Phoong

8230 Spatial Analysis-Synthesis for Improvement of Wavelet Coders Benjamin Le Guen
Stéphane Pateux
Jacques Weiss

8231 Stimulus Response Detection in fMRI Using Digital Filters, Temporal Clustering Analysis and a Three-Dimensional Selection Criterion Sarah Lee
Fernando Zelaya
Stephanie Amiel
Michael Brammer
8232 An Adaptive Beamforming Based Definition of the Narrowband Assumption Marc Oudin
Jean Pierre Delmas
Claude Adnet
Frédéric Barbaresco
8234 Robust Sequential Interference Cancellation for Space Division Multiple Access Communications Amir Leshem
Sharon Gannot

8235 Fisher's Discriminant and Relevant Component Analysis for Static Facial Expression Classification Matteo Sorci
Gianluca Antonini
Jean-Philippe Thiran

8236 Some Improvements of the Linear Subspace Algorithm Swede for Time Delay Estimation Cédric Le Bastard
Vincent Baltazart
Yide Wang

8237 Information Criteria and Arithmetic codings : an Illustration on Raw Images Guilhem Coq
Christian Olivier
Olivier Alata
Marc Arnaudon
8239 An Efficient INER-Coding Algorithm for H.264 Laeeq Aslam
Nadeem Khan

8240 A Combined Approach for NLOS Mitigation in Cellular Positioning with TOA Measurements Bora Zeytinci
Fernaz Alimoglu
Frederic Kerem Harmanci
Emin Anarim
Fatih Alagoz
8242 An Adaptive Neural Network Pre-Distorter for Non-Stationary HPA in OFDM Systems Rafik Zayani
Ridha Bouallegue
Daniel Roviras

8243 Morphological Synthesis of ECG Signals for Person Authentication Gary Garcia Molina
Fons Bruekers
Cristian Presura
Marijn Damstra
Michiel Van der Veen
8244 Singing Voice Characterization for Audio Indexing Helene Lachambre
Regine Andre-Obrecht
Julien Pinquier

8245 An Hybrid Approach of Low Frequency Room Equalization: Notch Filters Based on Common Acoustical Pole Modeling Hmaied Shaiek
Gaetan Ndo
Jean Marc Boucher
Meriem Jaidane
8246 A Corrected FPE Criterion for Autoregressive Processes Mahmood Karimi

8247 A Reduced Reference Video Quality Metric for AVC/H.264 Tobias Oelbaum
Klaus Diepold

8249 Multichannel DYPSA for Estimation of Glottal Closure Instants in Reverberant Speech Mark Thomas
Nikolay Gaubitch
Patrick Naylor

8250 Time-Frequency Based Robust OFDM Channel Equalization Erol Onen
Aydin Akan
Luis Chaparro

8254 Fast Particle Filters for Multi-Rate Sensors Thomas Schön
David Törnqvist
Fredrik Gustafsson

8255 A Novel Computationally Efficient Time-Domain Equalizer for ADSL/VDSL System Stanislaw Skowronek
Pawel Sroka
Krzysztof Weso³owski

8256 Quality and Computation Load Reduction Achieved by Applying Smart TRANCODING Between CELP Speech Codecs Christophe Beaugeant
Hervé Taddei

8258 GLRT-BASED Array Receivers to Detect a Known Signal Corrupted by Noncircular Interferences Pascal Chevalier
Audrey Blin
François Pipon
François Delaveau
8261 A Graphics Processing Unit Implementation of the Particle Filter Gustaf Hendeby
Jeroen Hol
Rickard Karlsson
Fredrik Gustafsson
8262 A Method for Source-Microphone Range Estimation, Using Arrays of Unknown Geometry, in Reverberant Room Environments Denis McCarthy
Frank Boland

8263 An Algorithm for Decomposition of Heart Sounds Based on S-Method Ervin Sejdic
Predrag Rakovic
Milos Dakovic
Ljubisa Stankovic
8265 Distortion-Minimizing Network-Aware Scheduling for UMTS Video Streaming Olivia Nemethova
Wolfgang Karner
Claudio Weidmann
Markus Rupp
8266 A New Beamforming Approach for the Localisation of Event Related Potentials Loukianos Spyrou
Saeid Sanei

8267 Maximum Likelihood Frequency Offset Estimation for Frequency Selective MIMO Channels: an Average Periodogram Interpretation and Iterative Techniques Kanapathippillai Cumanan
Ranaji Krishna
Qiang Yu
Sangarapillai Lambotharan
8268 Resource Allocation for goodput Optimization in Parallel subchannels with Error Correction and Selective Repeat ARQ Bertrand Devillers
Ana García Armada
Jérôme Louveaux
Luc Vandendorpe
8269 """Gaussianization"" Method for Identification of memoryless Nonlinear Audio Systems" Imen Marrakchi
Gael Mahé
Meriem Jaidane
Sonia Larbi
Monia Turki
8271 Multiple-Description Coding of Speech Using Forward Error Correction Codes Kai Clüver
Jan Weil
Thomas Sikora

8274 A Sequence-Based Error Recovery Algorithm for a Multiple Description P2P Video Transmission System Marco Fumagalli
Rosa Lancini
Stefano Tubaro

8275 Adaptive Multi-Way Analysis of Images Damien Letexier
Salah Bourennane

8276 Wavelet-Domain Distributed Video Coding Based on Continuous-Valued Syndromes Lorenzo Cappellari

8277 Two Novel Visual Voice Activity Detectors Based on Appearance Models and Retinal Filtering Andrew Aubrey
Bertrand Rivet
Yulia Hicks
Laurent Girin
Jonathon Chambers
8278 Video-DNA: Large-Scale Server-Side Watermarking Ivan Kopilovic
Marcel Wagner
Virginie Drugeon

8280 Dictionary and Sparse Decomposition Method Selection for Underdetermined Blind Source Separation B. Vikrham Gowreesunker
Ahmed H. Tewfik

8281 Combining Content and Context Information for Semantic Image Analysis and Classification Georgios Papadopoulos
Vasileios Mezaris
Ioannis Kompatsiaris

8282 Towards Optimised Context Selection in Scalable Wavelet Based Video Coding Toni Zgaljic
Marta Mrak
Ebroul Izquierdo

8283 A N-Gram Approach to Overcome Time and Parameter Independence Assumptions of HMM for Speech Recognition Marta Casar
José A.R. Fonollosa

8284 Cross-Entropic Comparison of the Effects of Accent, Speaker and Database Recording on Spectral Features of English Accents Seyed Ghorshi
Saeed Vaseghi
Qin Yan

8285 Sparse Projections and Motion Estimation in Colour Filter Arrays Alexander Sibiryakov

8288 MPEG-7 Audio Spectrum Basis As a Signature of Violin Sound Aleksander Kaminiarz
Ewa £ukasik

8290 Sinusoidal Modeling of Spot Microphone Signals Based on Noise Transplantation for Multichannel Audio Coding Christos Tzagkarakis
Athanasios Mouchtaris
Panagiotis Tsakalides

8291 Mean Square Error Analysis of the LMS-RVSS Adaptive Algorithm Marcio Costa
José Carlos Bermudez

8292 Low-Rate Shape Compression via an Extension to the Beamlet Transform Zhihua He
Maja Bystrom

8293 Schur-Type Elimination of Narrow-Band Background Disturbances from Acoustic Signals Emitted by Vehicles in Motion Maksymilian Górski
Jan Zarzycki

8294 Pair-of-Sequences SVM Speaker Verification Jérôme Louradour
Khalid Daoudi

8295 Enhancement of Residual Echo for Improved Acoustic Echo Cancellation Ted Wada
Biing-Hwang Juang

8296 Power Backoff Reduction for Generalized Multicarrier Waveforms David Falconer
Florence Danilo-Lemoine
Chan-Tong Lam
Maryam Sabbaghian
8297 Protection Enhanced Scalable Video Coding with MDC Ottavio Campana
Truong Nguyen

8299 Data Hiding in H.264 Video for Lossless Reconstruction of Region of Interest Peter Meuel
Marc Chaumont
William Puech

8301 Introduction to Single Carrier FDMA Hyung Myung

8302 Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Based on Analysis of the Hessian Matrix and Clustering Algorithm Nancy Salem
Sameh Salem
Asoke Nandi

8303 On a Perceptual Rate-Distortion Model for Color Image Coding Evgeny Gershikov
Moshe Porat

8306 Constrained Space-Time Spreading for MIMO-CDMA Systems: Tensor Modeling and Blind Detection André de Almeida
Gérard Favier
Joao Mota

8307 On 3D Tracking for Echocardiographic Classification of Acute Myocardial Infarction Eyal Braiman
Moshe Porat

8309 Improvement of the Ziv-Zakai Lower Bound for Time Delay Estimation Christian Musso
Jean-Philippe Ovarlez

8311 Automatic Language Recognition with Tonal and Non-Tonal Language Pre-Classification Liang Wang
Eliathamby Ambikairajah
Eric H.C. Choi

8312 A Stochastic Model for a New Robust NLMS Algorithm Leonardo Rey Vega
Hernán Rey
Jacob Benesty
Sara Tressens
8313 Stochastic Analysis of an Iterative Semi-Blind Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm Myung-Hoon Yeon
John Shynk

8314 Efficient Design of JPEG2000 EBCOT Context Formation Encoder Chi-Chin Chang
Sau-Gee Chen
Jui-Chiu Chiang

8316 Implementation Aspects of Generalized Bandpass Sampling Yiran Sun
Svante Signell

8318 A Probabilistic Shading Invariant Color Distance Measure Slawo Wesolkowski
Paul Fieguth

8319 Efficient Geometric Methods for Kernel Density Estimation Based Independent Component Analysis Hao Shen
Martin Kleinsteuber
Knut Hueper

8320 Home-Environment Adaptation of Phoneme Factorial Hidden Markov Models Agnieszka Betkowska
Koichi Shinoda
Sadaoki Furui

8323 Applying Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Global Signal Elimination from Electromagnetic Signals Motoaki Mouri
Arao Funase
Andrzej Cichocki
Ichi Takumi
Hiroshi Yasukawa
8326 Video Streaming Over Wireless Networks Xiaoqing Zhu
Bernd Girod

8328 Early Auditory Processing Inspired Features for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Ozlem Kalinli
Shrikanth Narayanan

8329 Implementation Aspects of Downlink Multiuser MIMO System with Distributed and Coherently-Coordinated Transmit Antennas Dragan Samardzija
Howard Huang
Clark Woodworth
Sue Walker
Reinaldo Valenzuela
8330 Bit-Plane Extension to a Class of Intensity-Based Corner Detection Algorithms Ambar Dutta
Animesh Mandal
B. N. Chatterji
Avijit Kar
8331 Implementation of a K-Best Based MIMO-OFDM Detector Johanna Kerttula
Markus Myllylä
Markku Juntti

8332 An Efficient Request Stopping Method at the Turbo Decoder in Distributed Video Coding Marco Tagliasacchi
José Pedro
Stefano Tubaro
Fernando Pereira
8333 Automatic Code Generation for Multi-MicroBlaze System with SynDEx Pengcheng Mu
Mickael Raulet
Jean-Francois Nezan
Jean-Gabriel Cousin
8334 Fast Adaptation of Frequency Domain Volterra Filters Using Inherent Recursions of Iterated Coefficient Updates Marcus Zeller
Walter Kellermann

8336 Post Beamforming Adaptive Second Order VOLTERRA Filter (ASOVF) for Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Imaging Mamoun Al-Mistarihi

8339 The Ear As a Biometric Hurley David
Arbab-Zavar Banafshe
Mark Nixon

8340 User Driven Systems to Bridge the Semantic Gap Divna Djordjevic
Ebroul Izquierdo

8342 Sound-Based Classification of Objects Using a Robust Fingerprinting Approach Fabio Antonacci
Luigi Gerosa
Augusto Sarti
Stefano Tubaro
Giuseppe Valenzise
8344 Enhancing the Security of the DCSK Chaos-Based Communication Scheme Rhouma Rhouma
Belghith Safya

8345 Obstacle Localisation in 3D Scenes from Stereoscopic Sequences Piotr Skulimowski
Pawe³ Strumi³³o

8346 Framework for Efficient Cosimulation and Fast Prototyping on Multi-Components with AAA Methodology: Lar Codec Study Case Erwan Flécher
Mickaël Raulet
Ghislain Roquier
Marie Babel
Olivier Déforges
8347 GPU-Based Background Illumination Correction for Blue Screen Matting Nicolas Ley
Christian Weigel

8348 Reduction of Correlation Computation in the Permutation of the Frequency Domain ICA by Selecting DOAS Estimated in SUBARRAYS Hao Yuan
Hisashi Kawai
Toshiharu Horiuchi

8349 Radar-Vision Fusion for Vehicle Detection by Means of Improved Haar-Like Feature and AdaBoost Approach Anselm Haselhoff
Anton Kummert
Georg Schneider

8350 Classification of QAM Signals for Multicarrier Systems Stefan Edinger
Markus Gaida

8351 Efficient Hardware Architectures of Selected MPEG-7 Color Descriptors Rafal Kapela
Andrzej Rybarczyk
Pawel ¦niata³a
Rados³aw Rudnicki
8352 Feature Generation Using Genetic Programming Based on Fisher Criterion Hong Guo
Qing Zhang
Asoke K. Nandi

8355 Efficient Implementation of the HMARM Model Identification and its Application in Spectral Analysis Chunjian Li
Srren Vang Andersen

8356 Quality of Service Differentiation in Multimedia 2D Optical CDMA Networks Mikael Morelle
Claire Goursaud-Brugeaud
Anne Julien-Vergonjanne
Jean-Pierre Cances
8358 H.264 Fractional Motion Estimation Refinement: a Real-Time and Low Complexity Hardware Solution for HD Sequences Fabrice Urban
Ronan Poullaouec
Jean-François Nezan
Olivier Deforges
8359 Analytical Exit Functions for the Performance Evaluation of Iterative MIMO Receivers with Channel Estimation Error Mikel Mendicute
Jon Altuna
Vicente Atxa

8360 A Lossless Compression Scheme for Bayer CFA Images King-Hong Chung
Yuk-Hee Chan

8361 GABOR-Based Waveform Generation for Parametrically Flexible, Multi-Standard Transmitters Stelios Stefanatos
Andreas Polydoros

8363 Blind Filter Identification and Image Superresolution Using Subspace Methods Muriel Gastaud
Sadd Ladjal
Henri Maître

8364 Speech Enhancement Using Soft THRESHOLDING with DCT-EMD Based Hybrid Algorithm Erhan Deger
Md. Khademul Islam Molla
Keikichi Hirose
Nobuaki Minematsu
Md. Kamrul Hasan
8365 The Use of a Formant Diagram in Audiovisual Speech Activity Detection Karl van Bree
Harm Belt

8366 Cepstral Features for Classification of an Impulse Response with Varying Sample Size Dataset Cyril Hory
William Christmas

8367 Exploring the Feasibility of a Two-Layer NN-Based Sound Classifier for Hearing Aids Enrique Alexandre
Lucas Cuadra
Lorena Álvarez
Manuel Utrilla-Manso
8371 Visual Analysis for Drum Sequence Transcription Kevin McGuinness
Olivier Gillet
Noel E. O'Connor
Gael Richard
8372 Asymptotic Generalized Eigenvalue Distribution of Block Toeplitz Matrices and Application to Space Time Beamforming Marc Oudin
Jean-Pierre Delmas

8373 A Soft thresholding Approach for MDL Denoising Janne Ojanen
Jukka Heikkonen

8374 A Practical Protocol for Digital and Printed Document Authentication Paulo Borges
Joceli Mayer
Ebroul Izquierdo

8376 Hypercomplex Analytic Signals : Extension of the Analytic Signal Concept to Complex Signals Stephen Sangwine
Nicolas Le Bihan

8377 Convex Optimization and Modal Analysis for Beamforming in Robotics: Theoretical and Implementation Issues Sylvain Argentieri
Patrick Danès

8378 Dynamic Range Enhancement of Consumer Digital Camera Acquired Hip Prosthesis Xray Images Laura Florea
Constantin Vertan
Corneliu Florea
Alina Oprea
8380 Wavelet Denoising with Edge Detection for Speckle Reduction in SAR Images Ana María Cóbreces-Álvarez
Manuel Rosa-Zurera
Jose Carlos Nieto-Borge
María Pilar Jarabo-Amores
David de la Mata-Moya
8382 Feature Cells Extraction: Pro or Cons Local Vs. Global Information Analysis Vincent Vigneron
Sylvie Lelandais
Cecile Charriere-Bertrand
Michel Malo
Adrien Ugon
8383 3D Velocity Filters for the Detection of Moving Objects in Image Sequences Sam Schauland
Joerg Velten
Anton Kummert

8384 Source Localisation in Shallow Ocean Using a Vertical Array of Acoustic Vector Sensors Anand G.V.
Arunkumar K.P.

8385 Vocal Fold Pathology Detection Using Modified Wavelet-Like Features and Support Vector Machines Dmitry Martynov
Oleg Kotov
Eugenij Bovbel

8386 Algebraic Parameter Estimation of Damped Exponentials Aline Neves
Maria Miranda
Mamadou Mboup

8388 Variational Approximation Data Association Filter Hirofumi Kanazaki
Takehisa Yairi
Kazuo Machida
Kenji Kondo
Yoshihiko Matsukawa
8389 Improved Median Filter Using Conditional Technique and its Hardware Implementation Marek Kraft

8393 A Dynamic Programming Approach to Speech/Music Discrimination of Radio Recordings Aggelos Pikrakis
Theodoros Giannakopoulos
Sergios Theodoridis

8394 Super Resolution of Multispectral Images Using Locally Adaptive Models Rafael Molina
Javier Mateos
Aggelos K. Katsaggelos

8397 A Single Sensor Hand Biometric Multimodal System Tiago Sanches
Jo?o Antunes
Paulo Correia

8398 New Spreading Codes and Detection Algorithms for Low Complexity Post-Coded OFDM Systems Syed Faisal Shah
Ahmed Tewfik

8400 Rapid Prototyping of Image Analysis Algorithms on an Adaptive FGPA Architecture Zahir Larabi
Linlin Zhang
Virginie Fresse
Anne-Claire Legrand
8401 Automatic Method for caveolar Structure Detection and Intensity Distribution Analysis from Microscopy Images Harri Pölönen
Jussi Tohka
Maurice Jansen
Elina Ikonen
Ulla Ruotsalainen
8402 Underwater Video Analysis for NORWAY Lobster Stock Quantification Using Multiple Visual Attention Features Paulo Correia
Yee Lau
Paulo Fonseca
Aida Campos
8405 Study of Possibility of on-Pen Matching for Biometric Handwriting Verification Tobias Scheidat
Claus Vielhauer
Jana Dittmann

8406 Sensor Matrix Array for Image Processing in Visual Cortex Yu-Ichi Matsui

8407 Two-Dimensional Tracking of Trajectories of Vehicles and Obstacles for a Headway Alert Application Lars Hoehmann
Anton Kummert
Su-Birm Park

8408 Statistical Analysis of the Deficient Length Affine Projection Adaptive Algorithm Sergio Almeida
Marcio Costa
José Carlos Bermudez

8409 Outer Factor 2-D Ma Models for Indeterministic Fields and Wold-Type Texture Decompositions Fernando Merchan
Flavius Turcu
Mohamed Najim

8411 Personalized Head Related Transfer Function Measurement and Verification Through Sound Localization Resolution Michal Pec
Michal Bujacz
Pawel Strumillo

8412 Channel Identification and Applications to OFDM Communication Systems with Limited Bandwidth Lianming Sun
Akira Sano

8413 Optimisation of the Pre-Processing Stage of a Smart Card Face Verification System Thirimachos Bourlai
Josef Kittler

8414 Classification Improvement by Dimensionality Reduction Based Nadine Renard
Salah Bourennane
Jacques Blanc-Talon

8416 A Clustering-Based Method for DOA Estimation in Wireless Communications Romis Attux
Ricardo Suyama
Rafael Ferrari
Cynthia Junqueira
Rafael Krummenauer
8417 MULTIVIEW Distributed Video Coding with a Fusion Mask Computed at the Encoder Mourad Ouaret
Frederic Dufaux
Touradj Ebrahimi

8418 Active Contours and Information Theory for Supervised Segmentation on Scalar Images Valérie Duay
Sara Luti
Gloria Menegaz
Jean-Philippe Thiran
8419 Distributed Cancellation-Based Multiple-Source Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks Dimitris Ampeliotis
Kostas Berberidis

8421 Mechanical Assessment of Porous Media Using Hybrid Skeleton Graph Analysis and Finite Elements. Application to Trabecular Bone. Gabriel Aufort
Rachid Jennane
Rachid Harba
Alain Gasser
Damien Soulat
8422 Bayesian Regularization in Non-Linear Imaging: Reconstructions from Experimental Data in Microwave Tomography Roberta Autieri
Giancarlo Ferraiuolo
Vito Pascazio

8423 Chaotic Characterisation of FRONTO-Normal Gait for Human Identification Tracey Lee
Mohammed Belkhatir
Poh Aun Lee
Saeid Sanei
Kia Fock Loe
8424 Neural Network High Precision Processing for Astronomical Images Rossella Cancelliere
Mario Gai

8425 A New Transmission Strategy for Scalable Multimedia Data on OFDM Systems Heykel Houas
Cleo Baras
Inbar Fijalkow

8426 Registration of Multiple Regions Derived from the Optical Flow Model and the Active Contour Framework Valérie Duay
Xavier Bresson
Nawal Houhou
Meritxell Bach Cuadra
Jean-Philippe Thiran
8429 Frequency Selective Height-from-Stereo Reconstruction: Application to Retinal Oedemas Detection Petr Dokladal

8432 Front-End Post-Processing Using Histogram Equalization Combined with ARMA Filtering for Noise Robust Speech Recognition Seyedeh Saloomeh Shariati
Seyed Mohammad Ahadi

8437 Error Concealment Using a DVC Approach for Video Streaming Applications Riccardo Bernardini
Marco Fumagalli
Matteo Naccari
Roberto Rinaldo
Marco Tagliasacchi
8439 Global Feature Based Female Facial Beauty Decision System Irem Turkmen
Zeyneb Kurt
Mine Elif Karsligil

8440 Analytical Accuracy Evaluation of Fixed-Point Systems Romuald Rocher
Daniel Menard
Olivier Sentieys
Pascal Scalart
8442 Hypercomplex Algebras in Digital Signal Processing: Benefits and Drawbacks Daniel Alfsmann
Heinz Göckler
Stephen Sangwine
Todd Ell
8443 Deterministic Particle Filtering for GPS Navigation in the Presence of Multipath Frederic Lehmann

8444 Energy-Efficient Software-Defined Radio Solutions for MIMO-Based Broadband Communication Bruno Bougard
Andre Bourdoux
Miguel Glassee
Frederik Naessens
Liesbet Van der Perre
8445 ASPROC: Adaptive Smith Predictor-Based Rate Oscillation Cancellation Andrzej Szwabe

8446 Limitations in the Extrapolation of Wave Fields from Circular Measurements Achim Kuntz
Rudolf Rabenstein

8448 Sparse Representation for Image Prediction Aurelie Martin
Jean-Jacques Fuchs
Christine Guillemot
Dominique Thoreau
8450 Comparison of Localized, Interleaved and Block-Interleaved FDMA in Terms of Pilot Multiplexing and Channel Estimation Anja Sohl
Anja Klein

8451 Group Delay for Acoustic Event Representation and its Application for Speech Aperiodicity Analysis Hideki Kawahara
Masanori Morise
Toru Takahashi
Toshio Irino
Hideki Banno
8452 Robust Method of Video Stabilization Marius Tico
Markku Vehvilainen

8453 Statistical 3D Object Classification and Localization with Context Modeling Marcin Grzegorzek

8454 Tracking Moving Objects in Video Using Enhanced Mean Shift and Region-Based Motion Field Tiesheng Wang
Irene Y.H. Gu
Mats Viberg
Zhongping Cao
Nuan Song
8455 Shot Boundary Detection Using Spectral Clustering Uros Damnjanovic
Ebroul Izquierdo

8456 Speech - Nonspeech Discrimination Based on Speech-Relevant Spectrogram Modulations Michael Wohlmayr
Maria Markaki
Yiannis Stylianou

8459 Error-Resilient Transmission of H.264 SVC Streams Over DVB-T/H and WiMAX Channels with Multiple Description Coding Techniques Peter Schelkens
Augustin Gavrilescu
Adrian Munteanu
Yves D'Hondt
Kenneth Vermeirsch
8462 Quantitation of the Fetal Brain Volume from MR Images Using Watershed Transform and Bayesian Segmentation Harri Merisaari
Mika Teräs
Esa Alhoniemi
Riitta Parkkola
Olli Nevalainen
8463 Rao-Blackwellized Variable Rate Particle Filtering for Handset Tracking in Communication and Sensor Networks Carles Fernandez Prades
Pau Closas
Juan Fernandez Rubio

8464 On the Boundedness Behavior of the Spectral Factorization in the Wiener Algebra for FIR Data Holger Boche
Volker Pohl

8466 Network-Adaptive and Energy-Efficient Multi-User Video Communication Over QoS Enabled WLAN Xin Ji
Gauthier Lafruit
Iole Moccagatta
Sofie Pollin
Antoine Dejonghe
8467 A New DOA Estimation Method Using a Circular Microphone Array Amin Karbasi
Akihiko Sugiyama

8468 Roundoff Noise Analysis of Finite Wordlength Realizations with the Implicit State-Space Framework Thibault Hilaire
Daniel Menard
Olivier Sentieys

8469 Multilevel Statistical Inference from Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Signals Koray Ciftci
Bülent Sankur
Yasemin Kahya
Ata Akýn
8473 Descriptive Properties of a Set of Selected Tasks for Dyslexia Screening in French School Age Children Guylaine Le Jan
Nathalie Costet
Régine Le Bouquin Jeanncs
Gérard Faucon
Pascal Scalart
8475 Robust Video Transmission Based on Distributed Multiple Description Coding Olivier Crave
Christine Guillemot
Béatrice Pesquet Popescu
Christophe Tillier
8477 Coverage and Density Aspects of a Low Power, Low Data Rate, Spread Spectrum Wireless Sensor Network for Agricultural Monitoring Louise Crockett
Eugen Pfann
Robert Stewart

8479 Automated Image Analysis for Electron Microscopy Specimen Assessment Nicolas Coudray
Jean-Luc Buessler
Hubert Kihl
Jean-Philippe Urban
8480 On Hyperbolic Complex Digital Systems Daniel Alfsmann
Heinz Göckler

8482 Graph-Cut Rate-Distortion Optimization for Subband Image Compression Maria Trocan
Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu

8484 Video Quality and Beyond Stefan Winkler

8486 Characterization of the Reconstruction Behavior of Generalized Sampling Series for Bandlimited Paley-Wiener Functions Holger Boche
Ullrich Mönich

8488 A Distributed Video Coder Based on the H.264/AVC Standard Simone Milani
Giancarlo Calvagno

8490 Application of a Design Space Exploration Tool to Enhance Interleaver Generation Cyrille Chavet
Philippe Coussy
Pascal Urard
Eric Martin
8492 Motion-Based Mesh Clustering for MCDWT Compression of 3D Animated Meshes Yasmine Boulfani-Cuisinaud
Marc Antonini

8493 Validating Directional Edge-Based Image Feature Representations in Face Recognition by Spatial Correlation-Based Clustering Yasufumi Suzuki
Tadashi Shibata

8496 VDSL Power Back-Off Parameter Optimization for a Cable Bundle Milos Jakovljevic
Driton Statovci
Tomas Nordstrom
Rickard Nilsson
Santiago Zazo
8497 A New Algorithm for Fast Search of the K Nearest Patterns Roberto Gil-Pita
Manuel Rosa-Zurera
Raúl Vicen-Bueno
Francisco López-Ferreras
8498 Broadcast Channel Optimum Spectrum Balancing (BC-OSB) with Per-Modem Total Power Constraints for Downstream DSL Vincent Le Nir
Marc Moonen
Jan Verlinden
Mamoun Guenach
8499 Global Motion Estimation Using Block Matching with Uncertainty Analysis Pekka Sangi
Jari Hannuksela
Janne Heikkilä

8500 Stochastic Model of the LMS VOLTERRA Filter Eduardo Batista
Orlando Tobias
Rui Seara

8502 A New Standard Recognition Sensor for Cognitive Radio Terminal Rachid Hachemani
Jacques Palicot
Christophe Moy

8503 New Insights in Adaptive Cascaded FIR Structure: Application to Fully Adaptive Interpolated FIR Structures Eduardo Batista
Orlando Tobias
Rui Seara

8504 Two-Signal Extension of an Adaptive Notch Filter for Frequency Tracking Yann Prudat
Jean-Marc Vesin

8505 Vision Based Deformation Monitoring of a Masonry Wall Under Simulated Earthquake Conditions Matthew Tait
Isabelle Couloigner
Monica Guzman Correa
Shelley Lissel
8506 Scream and Gunshot Detection in Noisy Environments Luigi Gerosa
Giuseppe Valenzise
Fabio Antonacci
Marco Tagliasacchi
Augusto Sarti
8507 An Improved Stochastic Model of the NLMS Algorithm for Correlated Input Data Javier Kolodziej
Orlando Tobias
Rui Seara

8510 An 8-Bit Programmable Fine Delay Circuit with Step Size 65ps for an Ultrawideband Pulse Position Modulation Testbed Olaf Albert
Christoph Mecklenbraeuker

8511 Modified Leaky Delayed LMS Algorithm for Imperfect Estimate System Delay Juan López
Orlando Tobias
Rui Seara

8512 Adaptive and Robust Media Streaming Over Multiple Channels with Bursty Losses Jean-Paul Wagner
Pascal Frossard

8514 Content Based QoS Differentiation for Video Streaming in a Wireless Environment Nicolas Tizon
Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu

8515 Colour Gradient Using Geometric Algebra Patrice Denis
Philippe Carre

8517 Parameters and DOA Estimation Based on Wavelet Packets Selection for Transient Signals in Colored Noise Marwa Chendeb
Guy Plantier
Anthony Sourice

8518 A Facial Pattern Recognition Approach for Detection of Temporomandibular Disorder Mansoureh Ghodsi
Saeid Sanei
Yulia Hicks
Tracey Lee
Stephen Dunne
8519 Iterative Precoding Vs Decoding in Virtual MIMO Systems with Channel Mismatching Errors Benjamín Béjar Haro
Santiago Zazo Bello
Ivana Raos

8520 A 'gas of Circles' Phase Field Model and its Application to Tree Crown Extraction Peter Horvath
Ian Jermyn

8522 Blind Frame Synchronization on Gaussian Channel Rodrigue Imad
Sebastien Houcke
Catherine Douillard

8524 Comparison of Fourier Descriptors and Hu Moments for Hand Posture Recognition Simon Conseil
Salah Bourennane
Lionel Martin

8526 Multicarrier Transmission with Coordination in Cellular Environment. José Manuel Díaz Hernández
Santiago Zazo Bello
José Manuel Paez Borrallo

8527 A Speed Adaptive Ego-Motion Detection System Using Edge-Histograms Produced by Variable Graduation Method Jia Hao
Tadashi Shibata

8528 A SVD-Based Algorithm for Dense Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform Salvatore Caporale
Luca De Marchi
Nicole Speciale

8530 Blind City Maps Watermarking Utilizing Road Width Information Elias Horness
Nikos Nikolaidis
Ioannis Pitas

8531 Single Camera Pointing Gesture Recognition Using Spatial Features and Support Vector Machines Zuzana Cernekova
Nikos Nikolaidis
Ioannis Pitas

8532 Robust Frequency-Domain Channel Estimation and Detection for Ultra Wideband Signals Under Non-Gaussian Noise Ersen Ekrem
Mutlu Koca
Hakan Delic

8533 Modified DFT SBC-FDFMUX Filter Bank Systems for Flexible Bandwidth Reallocation Mohammed Abdulazim
Thomas Kurbiel
Heinz Göckler

8534 Joint Diagonalization of Complex Spatial-Wavelet Matrices for Blind Sources Separation of Non Stationary Sources El Mostafa Fadaili
Vincent Vigneron

8537 Iterative Joint Tone-Interference Cancellation and Decoding for MIMO-OFDM Celal Esli
Mutlu Koca
Hakan Delic

8538 Tree Species Classification Using Radiometry, Texture and Shape Based Features Maria Kulikova
Meena Mani
Anuj Srivastava
Xavier Descombes
Josiane Zerubia
8539 Automatic Approach for Analyzing the Endosome Movement in Fluorescence Video Microscopy Carol Rus
Mikko Vanninen
Ulla Ruotsalainen

8541 Comparison of Three Time-Varying Delay Estimators with Application to Electromyography Frederic Leclerc
Philippe Ravier
Olivier Buttelli
Jean-Claude Jouanin
8544 Colour Spread Transform Data Hiding Capacity Using Complex Wavelets Alastair Thompson
Ahmed Bouridane
Fatih Kurugollu

8546 A Study of Temporal Structure of Glottal Flow Derivative Estimates Obtained via Inverse Filtering Emir Turajlic
Saeed Vaseghi

8547 Multimodal Biometrics for Identity Documents and Smart Cards: European Challenge Andrzej Drygajlo

8549 Spread Transform Video Watermarking Using 3D Complex Wavelets Alastair Thompson
Ahmed Bouridane
Fatih Kurugollu

8551 A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Neuron-Fuzz and Wavelet Transforms for Wideband Sonar Detection in a Reverberation-Limited Environment Jason Tseng
Marina Cole

8554 A Model-Based Quality Improvement and Assessment of Hazy Degraded Images Gabriel Cristobal
Salvador Gabarda
Filip Šroubek

8555 Multimodal Fusion for Cued Speech Language Recognition Savvas Argyropoulos
Dimitrios Tzovaras
Michael Strintzis

8559 Image Classification with User Defined Ontology Remi Vieux
Jenny Benois-Pineau
Jean-Philippe Domenger
Achille Braquelaire
8562 Information Lossless Space-Time Coding for Rayleigh Faded Multiple Access Systems Antonio Fasano
Sergio Barbarossa

8563 An Efficient Detection Prototype Based on a Mixed Architecture for Gaia Shan Mignot
Philippe Laporte
Francois Rigaud

8564 Quality Measures in Unimodal and Multimodal Biometric Verification Jonas Richiardi
Krzysztof Kryszczuk
Andrzej Drygajlo

8566 System-Level Characterization of a Real-Time 4x4 MIMO-OFDM Transceiver on FPGA Simon Haene
David Perels
Wolfgang Fichtner

8567 A Low Delay, Variable Resolution, Perfect Reconstruction Spectral Analysis-Synthesis System for Speech Enhancement Dirk Mauler
Rainer Martin

8569 Low-Dimensional Motion Features for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Mihai Gurban
Andres Valles
Jean-Philippe Thiran

8570 Higher Order Direction Finding with Polarization Diversity: the PD-2Q-Music Algorithms Pascal Chevalier
Anne Ferreol
Laurent Albera
Gwenael Birot
8571 Automatic Object-Level Change Interpretation for Multispectral Remote Sensing Imagery Karin Griffis
Maja Bystrom

8572 Comparative Study of Texture Feature for Rotation Invariant Recognition Adel Hafiane
Chirstophe Rosenberger
Hélene Laurent

8574 An Experimental Study on the Feasibility of Footsteps As a Biometric Ruben Vera Rodriguez
Nicholas Evans
Richard Lewis
Benoit Fauve
John Mason
8575 Blind Tensor-Based Identification of Memoryless Multiuser Volterra Channels Using Sos and Modulation Codes Carlos Alexandre Rolim Fernandes
Gérard Favier
Joao Cesar Moura Mota

8578 Video Summarization Using a Visual Attention Model Sophie Marat
Mickäel Guironnet
Denis Pellerin

8579 On-Line Detection of Transients in Spectrograms Juri Sildam

8580 An ECG Compression Approach Based on a Segment Dictionary and Bezier Approximations Mário Brito
Jorge Henriques
Paulo Carvalho
Bernardete Ribeiro
Manuel Antunes
8581 Fusion of GPS, Ins and Odometric Data for Automotive Navigation Mariana Spangenberg
Vincent Calmettes
Jean-Yves Tourneret

8583 Accurate Speech Decomposition Into Periodic and Aperiodic Components Based on Discrete Harmonic Transform Piotr Zubrycki
Alexander Petrovsky

8585 Comprehensive Study of DNA Copy Number Analysis Using Sigma Filter Abdullah Alqallaf
Ahmed Tewfik

8586 Dual Regularization for Recursive Prediction Error Identification Toon van Waterschoot
Geert Rombouts
Marc Moonen

8588 CCD Image DEMOSAICING Using Localized Correlations Ronen Sher
Moshe Porat

8589 Optimum Multilevel Chaotic Sequences for Asynchronous Ds-CDMA Systems Over Rician Selective Fading Channel Calin Vladeanu
Constantin Paleologu

8590 Resolving Manifold Ambiguity in Direction Finding Systems Supawat Supakwong
Athanassios Manikas
Anthony Constantinides

8591 Sparse Signal Recovery by Iterative Proximal Thresholding Patrick Combettes
Jean-Christophe Pesquet

8595 Data Preprocessing for Decametre Wavelength exoplanet Detection: an Example of cyclostationary rfi Detector Rodolphe Weber
Philippe Zarka
Volodymyr Ryabov
Rym Feliachi
Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
8596 Buried Spherical Shells Localization in Presence of Phase Uncertainties Zineb Saidi
Salah Bourennane

8598 On Interpolation of Differentially Structured Images Hagai Kirshner
Moshe Porat

8599 A Fast Algorithm for Blind Separation of Non-Gaussian and Time-Correlated Signals German Gomez-Herrero
Zbynek Koldovsky
Petr Tichavsky
Karen Egiazarian
8600 Optimal Joint Source Channel Coding for Scalable Video Transmission Over Wireless Channels Naeem Ramzan
Ebroul Izquierdo

8601 Affective Sports Highlight Detection Reede Ren

8602 A Study on Region-Based Recognition of 3D Faces with Expression Variations Helin Dutagaci
Berk Gokberk
Bülent Sankur
Lale Akarun
8603 A Kalman Filter Extension for the Analysis of Imprecise Time Series Ingo Neumann
Hansjörg Kutterer

8605 Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer for Sui Channel Models Bassem Zayen
Monia Turki-Hadj Alouane
Mériem Ja?dane
Mohamed Lassaad Ammari
Francois Gagnon
8606 Trifocal Transfer on Commodity Graphics Hardware Christian Weigel
Peter Schübel

8607 Criteria to Measure the Quality of TVAR Estimation for Audio Signals Imen Samaali
Gaël Mahé
Monia Turki

8608 Hardware Task Scheduling for Heteregeneous SoC Architectures Daniel Chillet
Imene Benkermi
Sebastien Pillement
Olivier Sentieys
8609 Coarse Scene Geometry Estimation from Sparse Approximation of Multiple Omnidirectional Images Ivana Tosic
Pascal Frossard

8610 Iris Recognition with Match-on-Card Adam Czajka
Przemek Strzelczyk
Marcin Chochowski
Andrzej Pacut
8611 A Signal Representation Approach for Discrimination Between Full and Empty Hazelnuts Ibrahim Onaran
Nuri Firat Ince
Ahmed Tewfik
A. Enis Cetin
8613 An Estimation of Mismatch Error in IDCT Decoders Implemented with Hybrid-LNS Arithmetic Peter Lee

8614 A CORDIC-Based QR-RLS Multichannel Lattice Filter Joao Gomes
Victor Barroso

8615 A Gaussian-Mixture Based Approach to Spatial Image Background Modeling and Compensation Afsar Saranli

8616 Temporal Asymmetry in Relations of Acoustic and Visual Features of Speech Gyorgy Takacs
Gergely Feldhoffer
Attila Tihanyi
Tamas Bardi
8617 Bayesian Computational Methods for Sparse Audio and Music Processing Simon Godsill
Taylan Cemgil

8619 Face Detection and Segmentation on a Hierarchical Image Representation Veronica Vilaplana
Ferran Marques

8620 Optimum Wavelet Transform-Based ECG Compression and Dissimilarity Measure Based Noise Performance Analysis Mustafa Namdar
Lutfiye Durak

8621 Discrete-to-Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions and Finite Duration Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Soo-Chang Pei
Jian-Jiun Ding

8623 Design of Even and Odd Components of Lowpass Paraunitary 2-Channel Filters Elena Dominguez

8624 Near Real Time Noise Detection During Heart Sound Acquisition Dinesh Kumar
Paulo Carvalho
Manuel Antunes
Jorge Henriques
8625 Joint Identification and Equalization of Wiener-Hammerstein Communication Channel Using PARATUCK-2 Tensor Decomposition Alain Kibangou
Gerard Favier

8626 Optimal Slice Size for Streaming Regions of High Resolution Video with Virtual Pan/Tilt/Zoom Functionality Aditya Mavlankar
Pierpaolo Baccichet
David Varodayan
Bernd Girod
8627 Fire and Smoke Detection witout Sensors: Image Processing Based Approach Turgay Celik
Huseyin Ozkaramanli
Hasan Demirel

8629 Subset Selection with Structured Dictionaries for Classification Nuri Firat Ince
Fikri Goksu
Ahmed Tewfik

8632 Improved Design of Oversampled Allpass Transformed DFT Filter-Banks with Near-Perfect Reconstruction Heinrich Lölllmann
Peter Vary

8634 Fast Algorithm for Image Database Indexing Based on Lattice Mahmoud Mejdoub
Leonardo Fonteles
Marc Antonini
Chokri Benamar
8638 Quaternions and Biquaternions for Symmetric Markov-Chain System Analysis Soo-Chang Pei
Jian-Jiun Ding

8639 A Robust Pilot-Assisted Equaliser for the Partially Loaded Downlink UMTS TDD Mahmoud Hadef
Adel Daas
Stephan Weiss
Josh Reiss
Xiaodong Chen
8641 Joint Blind Adaptive Equalization Based on Shell Partitioned Multi-Modulus with Soft Switching and Orthogonal Base for 256 and 1024 QAM Grzegorz Haza
Ryszard Makowski

8642 Screening for High Risk Suicidal States Using Mel-CEPSTRAL Coefficients and Energy in Frequency Bands Hande Kaymaz Keskinpala
Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk
D. Mitch Wilkes
Richard G. Shiavi
Ronald M. Salomon
8643 Volumetric Mesh Construction from Scattered Prior Data: Application to Cardiac MR Image Analysis Joël Schaerer
Arnaud Gelas
Rémy Prost
Patrick Clarysse
Isabelle Magnin
8644 Lifting Schemes for Joint Coding of Stereoscopic Pairs of Satellite Images Jean-Christophe Pesquet
Mounir Kaaniche
Amel Benazza
Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu
8645 The Evolution of Multiple Description Coding Based on Scalar Quantization Fabio Verdicchio
Adrian Munteanu
Jan Cornelis
Peter Schelkens
8646 Robustness with Respect to the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of MLP-Based Detectors in Weibull Clutter Raúl Vicen-Bueno
María Pilar Jarabo-Amores
Manuel Rosa-Zurera
David Mata-Moya
Roberto Gil-Pita
8648 Modeling and Compensation of Geometric Distortions of Multispectral Cameras with Optical Bandpass Filter Wheels Johannes Brauers
Nils Schulte
Til Aach

8650 In-Home Assistive System for Cognitively Impaired Person Based on Wearable and Wireless Sensors: Design Issues and Applications Cheol-Hong Min
Nuri Firat Ince
Ahmed Tewfik

8651 Signal-Dependent Noise Removal in Pointwise Shape-Adaptive DCT Domain with Locally Adaptive Variance Alessandro Foi
Vladimir Katkovnik
Karen Egiazarian

8653 Correlation Vs. Decorrelation of Color Components in Image Compression - Which Is Preferred? Evgeny Gershikov
Moshe Porat

8654 A Real Time 4x4 MIMO-OFDM SDR for Wireless Networking Research Jesse Chen
Weijun Zhu
Babak Daneshrad
Jatin Bhatia
Hun-Seok Kim
8657 A Generic Approach for Motion-Based Video Parsing Martin Haller
Andreas Krutz
Thomas Sikora

8658 Hybrid Music Recommendation Based on Different Dimensions of Audio Content and Popularity Zehra Cataltepe
Berna Altinel

8659 Employment of Voicing Information of Speech Spectra for Noise-Robust Speaker Identification Peter Jancovic
Munevver Kokuer

8660 Designing a Tighter Searching Space for Pairwise Global Sequence Alignments Over Multiple Scoring Systems Changjin Hong
Ahmed Tewfik

8661 Display Awareness in Subjective and Objective Video Quality Evaluation Sylvain Tourancheau
Patrick Le Callet
Kjell Brunnström
Barba Dominique
8662 A PCA/ICA Based Feature Selection Method and its Application for Corn Fungi Detection Zehra Cataltepe
Hakki Genc
Tom Pearson

8664 Motion-Compensated Orthogonal Transforms for Multiview Video Coding Markus Flierl

8665 An Introduction to Multibiometrics Arun Ross

8667 Retrieval Accuracy of Very Large DNA-Based Databases of Digital Signals Sotirios Tsaftaris
Aggelos Katsaggelos

8668 Doubly-Rotated Matched Filtering Matthias Mühlich
Thorsten Dahmen
Til Aach

8669 Total Variation Blind Deconvolution Using a Variational Approach to Parameter, Image, and Blur Estimation Sevket Derin Babacan
Rafael Molina
Aggelos K Katsaggelos

8672 Fusion of Information from Biased Sensor Data by Particle Filtering Monica Bugallo
Ting Lu
Petar Djuric

8673 Two Dimensional Incremental Parsing for Image Compression Soo Hyun Bae
Biing-Hwang Juang

8674 A Distortion Free Learning Algorithm for Multi-Channel Convolutive Blind Source Separation Akihide Horita
Kenji Nakayama
Akihiro Hirano

8676 MIMO OFDM ONLINE Demonstrator Karsten Alecke
Onoriu Lazar
Ronald Chen
Andreas Wilzeck
Thomas Kaiser
8677 Delay-Differentiated Scheduling in a Randomized MIMO Relay Network Ari Hottinen
Tiina Heikkinen

8678 A Feedback Approach to Over Complete BSS and its Learning Algorithm Kenji Nakayama
Haruo Katou
Akihiro Hirano

8681 Channel-Adaptive Resource Allocation for Cognitive OFDMA Radios Based on Limited-Rate Feedback Antonio Marques
Xin Wang
Georgios Giannakis

8682 MIMO-OFDM for a Cellular Deployment - Concepts, Real-Time Implementation and Measurements Towards 3GPP-LTE Thomas Haustein
Wolfgang Zirwas
Josef Eichinger
Egon Schulz
Volker Jungnickel
8684 A Lossless Compression System Realization Utilizing phit-Serial Network-on-Chip Paradigm Piotr Dziurzanski
Tomasz Maka
Grzegorz Ulacha
Ryszard Stasinski
8687 New Simple Context-Based Predictive Technique for Lossless Image Compression Grzegorz Ulacha
Ryszard Stasinski

8690 Efficient Channel Description in Time-Frequency Domain with Application to Flexible Radio Thomas Hunziker
Ziyang Ju
Dirk Dahlhaus

8692 Text Detection System for the Blind Marcin Pazio
Maciej Nied¼wiecki
Ryszard Kowalik
Jacek Lebied¼
8693 A Precoding and Equalisation Design Based on Oversampled Filter Banks for Dispersive Channels with Correlated Noise Chunguang Liu
Chi Hieu Ta
Stephan Weiss

8694 MIMO Identical Eigenmode Transmission System (IETS) - a Channel Decomposition Perspective Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir
Tariq Durrani

8695 A Comparison of Four Video Multiple Description Coding Schemes Christophe Tillier
Olivier Crave
Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu
Christine Guillemot
8696 Torwards a General Formulation for Over-Sampling and Under-Sampling Akira Hirabayashi
Laurent Condat

8701 Modified CELP Coder Using Cepstral-Analysis Vahid Abolghasemi
Hossein Marvi

8702 One-Dimensional Modeling of DNA Sequences Alain Tchagang
Ahmed Tewfik

8703 Improvement of a Time Synchronization Algorithm for IEEE 802.11a/G WLAN Standard MS José Canet
Vicenç Almenar
José Marín-Roig
Javier Valls
8704 Improving Speech Emotion Recognition Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithms Mohammad Sedaaghi
Constantine Kotropoulos
Dimitrios Ververidis

8707 Root Minimum Variance TOA Estimation for Wireless Location Luis Blanco
Jordi Serra
Montse Najar

8711 Automatic Phonemic Segmentation Using the Bayesian Information Criterion with Generalised Gamma Priors George Almpanidis
Constantine Kotropoulos

8712 Low Bit Rate Coding of Sparse Audio Spectra Using Frequency Shift and Interleaved MDCT Maciej Bartkowiak

8713 Distributed Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithms for Node Localization and Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Joaquin Miguez
Antonio Artes-Rodriguez

8714 Simultaneous Multispeaker Segmentation for Automatic Meeting Recognition Kornel Laskowski
Tanja Schultz

8715 Choice of Analog-to-Digital Converters for Audio Measurements Using MLS Algorithm Daniel Król

8716 Musical Note and Instrument Classification with Likelihood-Frequency-Time Analysis and Support Vector Machines Mehmet Erdal Özbek
Claude Delpha
Pierre Duhamel

8717 Application of Mixed Modeling Strategies for the Simulation of the 2D Wave Equation for Arbitrary Geometries Stefan Petrausch
Rudolf Rabenstein

8719 Pitch Synchronous Wavelet and Hidden Semi-Markov Models Based Method for ECG Analysis Samar Krimi

8720 Digital Filter for Quadrature Sub-Sample Delay Estimation Ewa Hermanowicz

8721 CT Data Processing and Visualization Aspects of Virtual Colonoscopy Andrzej Skalski
Miros³aw Socha
Tomasz Zieliñski
Mariusz Duplaga
8722 Early Detection of Abnormal Emergent Behaviour Martijn van Veelen
Lambert Spaanenburg

8723 VQ Classification Based on MPEG-7 Visual Descriptors for Video Endoscopic Capsule Localization in the Gastrointestinal Tract Krzysztof Duda
Tomasz Zielinski
Mariusz Duplaga
Michal Grega
Mikolaj Leszczuk
8724 Efficient Implementation of the Local Capon Spectral Estimate Stephen Alty
Jacob Benesty
Andreas Jacobsson

8725 Morphological Enhancement of Medical Images in a Logarithmic Image Environment Eugen Zaharescu

8726 Travelling Waves in the Occurrence of Earthquake in Taiwan Fu-Tai Wang
Jenny Chih-Yu Lee
Shun-Hsyung Chang

8728 Barge-in- and Noise-Free Spoken Dialogue Interface Combining Sound Field Control and Semi-Blind Source Separation Shigeki Miyabe
Tomoya Takatani
Hiroshi Saruwatari
Kiyohiro Shikano
Yosuke Tatekura
8729 Data-Dependent Superimposed Training Based Channel Estimation and Symbol Detection Using Zero Correlation Zone (ZCZ) Sequences Syed Mohsin Abbas Moosvi
Des McLernon

8732 Multi-Resolution Sound Texture Synthesis Using the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Deirdre O'Regan
Anil Kokaram

8733 Subspace Based Blind Identification and Equalization of Linear FIR MIMO Systems and Non Linear FIR SIMO Volterra Systems Diamantis Kotoulas
Panos Koukoulas
Nicholas Kalouptsidis

8735 A Regular Interconnection Scheme for Efficient Mapping of DSP Kernels Into Reconfigurable Hardware Sotiris Xydis
George Economakos
Kiamal Pekmestzi

8736 High-Level Synthesis Heuristics for Run-Time Reconfigurable Architectures George Economakos
Sotiris Xydis

8738 Reducing Noise Sensitivity in F-Esprit Using Weighting Matrices Joakim Gunnarsson
Tomas McKelvey

8739 Building Embedded DSP Applications in a Java Modeling Framework Isidoros Sideris
Dimitris Pilitsos
George Economakos
Kiamal Pekmestzi
8740 Variational Bayesian Image Separation of MRF Sources Koray Kayabol
Bulent Sankur
Ercan Kuruoglu

8741 Non-Symmetric Nash Bargaining Solution for Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks and Connection to Interference Function Calculus Holger Boche
Martin Schubert
Siddharth Naik
Nikola Vucic
8742 Geometrical Parameters Estimation of the Retina Images for Blood Vessels Pathology Diagnostics Alexander Kupriyanov
Nataly Ilyasova
Michail Ananin

8746 Clustering Dynamic Pet Images on the Gaussian Distributed Sinogram Domain Mustafa Ersel Kamasak

8747 Preliminary Results on Noise Reduction Using Stackgrams for (Low-Dose) X-Ray CT Sinograms Antti P Happonen
Matti Koskinen

8748 Efficient 3-D Parallel FIR Filtering Algorithm Mohamed Aziz
Said Boussakta

8749 Universal Spatial-Up Scaler with Nonlinear Edge Enhancement Stefan Schiemenz
Christian Hentschel

8750 An Improved Image Enhancement Method for Car License Plate Detection Vahid Abolghasemi
Ahmadyfard Ali

8751 Extracting Distorted Grid Points for Compensation of Lens Radial Nonlinearities Artur Nowakowski
W?adys?aw Skarbek

8752 A Simple Model for Image Self-Similarity and the Possible Use of Mutual Information Simon Alexander
Stanislav Kovacic
Edward Vrscay

8754 Image Coding Using a Complex Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform James Fowler
Joseph Boettcher
Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu

8756 A Method to Integrate Additional Knowledge Sources Into HMM Based on Junction Tree Decomposition Sakriani Sakti
Konstantin Markov
Satoshi Nakamura

8757 Stereoscopic Images Quality Assessment Patrizio Campisi
Patrick Le Callet
Enrico Marini

8762 New Frequency Domain Post-Filters for Noise Cancellation Mohamed Djendi
Scalart Pascal
André Gilloire

8763 Bandwidth Extension of Narrowband Speech Based on Blind Model Adaption Sheng Yao
Cheung Fat Chan

8768 A Novel Image Coding Scheme by Using Two-Channel Complex-Valued Filter Banks Seisuke Kyochi
Yuichi Tanaka
Masaaki Ikehara

8770 Video Denoising by Sparse 3D Transform-Domain Collaborative Filtering Kostadin Dabov
Alessandro Foi
Karen Egiazarian

8771 Morphological Wavelet Domain Image Watermarking Deepayan Bhowmik
G C K Abhayaratne

8772 3D-DCT Video Watermarking Using Quantization-Based Methods Patrizio Campisi
Alessandro Neri

8773 Learning and Clean-Up in a Large Scale Music Database Lars Kai Hansen
Tue Lehn-Schi?ler
Kaare Brandt Petersen
Jeronimo Arenas-Garcia
Jan Larsen
8774 Sparse Time-Frequency Representations in Audio Processing, As Studied Through a Symmetrized Lognormal Model Patrick Wolfe

8776 The Impact of a PRIORI Information on the Map Equalizer Performance with M-PSK Modulation Sihem Chaabouni
Noura Sellami
Aline Roumy

8781 Optimal Second Order Derivative Filter Families for Transparent Motion Estimation Hanno Scharr

8784 A Non-Block Based Approach to the Blind Equalization of Space-Time Block Codes Over Frequency Selective Channels Samir Bendoukha
Stephan Weiss

8787 Multimodal Medical Image Registration Using a Novel Implementation of ICP Algorithm Almhdie Almhdie
Christophe Leger
Roger Ledee
Mohamed Deriche
8788 Shape and Data Driven Texture Segmentation Using Local Binary Patterns Erkin Tekeli
Mujdat Cetin
Aytul Ercil

8790 High Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Multiscale Projected Image Patches Integration Krzysztof Malczewski
Ryszard Stasinski

8791 On Bedrosian Condition in Application to Chirp Sounds Ewa Hermanowicz
Miroslaw Rojewski

8792 Watermarking for Light Field Rendering Alper Koz
Cevahir Cigla
A. Aydin Alatan

8793 MovieCut - Dynamic Object Segmentation in Image Sequences Christian Ruwwe
Udo Zölzer

8794 Channel Prediction for Frequency-Adaptive Multiuser Scheduling in OFDMA FDD Uplinks Daniel Aronsson
Mikael Sternad

8795 Frequency Domain Errors-in-Variables Approach for Two-Channel SIMO System Identification William Bobillet
Eric Grivel
Ioana Serban
Sefano Serra Capizzano
8796 A Regionalized Content-Based Image Retrieval Framework Stefan Uhlmann
Serkan Kiranyaz
Moncef Gabbouj

8797 An Adaptive Blind Channel Shortening Algorithm for MCM Systems Cenk Toker
Gokhan Altin

8798 Multicamera Skeleton-Based Audio-Visual Analysis of Dance Figures Ferda Ofli
Yasemin Demir
Engin Erzin
Yucel Yemez
A. Murat Tekalp
8799 Automated Tissue Classification in MRI Brain Images with the Use of Deformable Registration Daniel Schwarz
Tomas Kasparek

8800 Improved Arithmetic Coding in H.264/AVC Using Context-Tree Weighting and Prediction by Partial Matching Damian Karwowski