Social events

More information on social events may be found in the printed GUIDE that will be given to all participants. The content may be also downloaded from here .

The social program may be changed without prior notice because of unexpected reasons.

GET TOGETHER in Palm House

Monday September 3rd 17:30 - 20:00

All registered participants of EUSIPCO 2007, tutorial lecturers and tutorial participants are kindly invited.

Meet your colleagues in Poznań Palm House for an informal welcome reception with some live music.

The Poznań Palm-house with its area of 4900 square meters and capacity of 47 000 cubic meters, opened to visitors in 1992 is a botanic site built for exhibitory and didactic purposes. In ten pavilions plants have been gathered from Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical climate, as well as plants from savannahs and deserts of America and Africa. There is also a collection of exotic fishes. Despite the beauty of Polish countryside, the Palm-house attracts visitors with its originality, it stimulates imagination and makes it possible to travel to distant and unknown countries.


The Palm House is located in Wilson Park that has its history going back to 1834 when Edward Raczyński and Ludwika Radziwiłł initiated a nursery-garden here. In 1898, the nursery-garden has been converted to a botanical garden according to a design of a local architect Heinrich Kube. In 1910, a small exhibition glass-house was opened as a predecessor of the Palm House. In 1925, a new modern botanical garden was opened in Jeżyce, and the old botanical garden has been converted to a city park named after President of USA Thomas Woodrow Wilson who had a share in diplomatic negotiations concerning Polish independency. In 1929, a modern Palm House was opened with its area of 1694 square meters, which made it one of the biggest in Europe at that time. In 1931, the sculpture of President Wilson authored by famous American artist Butzon Borglum was situated in the park. In the action of total devastation of Polish monuments in Poznań (1939-40), this monument was also destroyed. In 1945, most of the plant collection was lost. Since 1946, Palm House was re-opened step by step. In 1961, it was significantly enlarged. In 1992, a completely new and bigger Palm House was opened. It was built around the old one, so that the plant collections could be preserved at the same places. Nowadays, the area of Palm House is about 4600 square meters and it is one of the biggest objects of this kind in Europe. In 1994, another monument of President Wilson was erected in the park.


Wednesday September 5th approx. 16:30 - 20:00

All registered participants of EUSIPCO 2007 are kindly invited

The preliminary program includes:
    1. Bus tour though the city center
    2. Visit of the cathedral
    3. Bus drive to Old Town
    4. Visit to Old Town
    5. Visit to Parish Church and organ concerto
English-speaking guides will give the explanations.
Program may be changed due to local conditions

7.30 p.m. Elżbieta Karolak's Organ Concert in the Parish Church

We cordially invite all participants, as well as accompanying persons, to take an advantage of participation in the Organ Concert in the Parish Church. The concert will be given by Mrs. Elżbieta Karolak on the big old instrument of the Parish church. During the concert you may admire the newly renovated interior of the church that is famous for its richness.
Mrs. Elżbieta Karolak is a professor of Poznań Academy of Music. She has given concerts in most of the organ festivals in Poland and in Europe. She is a co-organizer of Staromiejskie Koncery Organowe (Old Town Organ Concerts) series in the Parish Church. Old music played on original instruments is her hobby. She also likes to perform French music of romanticism époque and contemporary music.


Thursday September 6th 20:00 - 22:00

The tickets may be purchased by conference registration

The conference dinner takes place in IBB ANDERSIA hotel, Plac Andersa 3. It is easy to find - Andersia hotel is located in the middle tower building close to Novotel Centrum hotel and just opposite to Stary Browar commercial centre.